Boxing Match.

Traveling is the great true love of my life. I have always felt that to travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal in my other loves. I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her impossible, colicky, restless newborn baby - I just don't care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because it's mine. Because it looks exactly like me. It can barf all over me if it wants to -- I just don't care.

I need to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. I feel like an addict going through major withdrawals.

I think I might just go crazy if I stay in Utah much longer. The past 2 weeks I spent in Portland were just what I needed to get some inspiration, motivation, & to stand back up on my feet.

My life is such a boxing match.

I fall, get knocked down and once in awhile I get knocked out. But then miraculously I find myself sitting on that little chair in the corner again. I can never recall how I got there...but I'm there. And I'm surrounded by people who love me, support me and are on cheering me on to win. They're the ones with the squirty water bottles, massages my shoulders, bandaging my wounds, and throwing words of encourage at me with positive reinforcement of victory to be had.

I don't know how many rounds there will be in this boxing match of life - but I do know one thing. I'm a born fighter, and when I fall.... the only thing I know how to do, is to just get back up again & keep fighting.
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The Britnee Store.
I made these postcards.
I think i'm going to start attempting to be successful and try to sell my work.
I get intimidated so easily though...
I see others work and think i'm rubbish really.
I don't know why I just can't believe in myself!!
But hey, that's why i'm here...
To make this happen, work hard,
and improve at what I love to do.
I am by far not the greatest photographer in the world,
but i'd like to think i'm getting better all the time...
Would you buy these??


Here's the baby cards i've ordered from as well to hand out/advertise and such.

Back of the baby cards

And here's the single photo ideas for postcards and/or posters/prints:

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hey friend.
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